Phase 2: Receiving Inventory In to Dandelion Kids:

1.Log into your Dandelion Kids account.
2. From the Consignor Homepage, click on “Work with Consigned Inventory”.
3. Under Transfer Inventory to Affiliated Sale choose: “Receive Inventory In”.
4. If you currently have items in your inventory, you will receive a red warning message. You may still transfer items and receive inventory in but it is recommended that you ONLY receive inventory into an account with NO inventory in it (Active or Inactive). Transferring inventory into an account with inventory already in it could result in item ID conflicts, causing you to have to retag some items. Only one item number can be assigned to each item.
5. Select the inventory batch which you want to receive and then click “Receive Selected Batch”. You may only receive one batch at a time.
6. The items are now transferred into your Dandelion Kids inventory and the inventory batch is deleted.
7. Now that all your items are in your Dandelion Kids account, click on anything you won’t be selling that season and make it inactive. Enter any more items that you want to sell. Print and tag only the new items entered or any items that had a change in price or description.