This position is perfect for pregnant or nursing moms, those on light duty, or those that need to take it easy. It involves helping consignors and volunteers get signed-in, and facilitating the drop-off process. This will take place during consignor check-in on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Merchandise Runners:

Runners are people who like to put things away. Our runners will be moving merchandise from the check-in stations to their designated areas on the sales floor. This takes place during and after consignor Drop-Off on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


If you have previous retail experience or enjoy organizing, you would be great in this spot! Organizers will ensure that all hanging items face the same direction, make sure to group like items together, and arrange the tables and shelves. This will take place Wednesday evening.

Sales Floor:

Sales floor team members will be our eyes on the sales floor. These team members will be responsible for walking the sales floor, assisting customers, rearranging merchandise and keeping the sales floor looking neat and tidy. This position requires you to be on your feet during your entire shift. This will take place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Some team members may assist as cashiers in scanning tags and bagging merchandise during the sale and pre-sales. They may also help if people have purchased any large items and need assistance. This will take place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Detail-oriented people are needed for this position. Our sorters help sort everything back into everyone’s pile at the end of the sale. The "Big Sort" will take place on Sunday after the sale closes to the public. All unsold merchandise will be sorted into donation or not and by consignor number for each consignor to come pick up. For this job, attention to details and accuracy are of the utmost importance.

Break Down:

These team members will assist in taking down the racks, shelves, tables, and loading the trailer. ** This is a GREAT shift for men! They may also assist consignors who are picking up their unsold merchandise. Break down will take place Sunday evening and Monday morning.


We need help feeding our team members during their shifts. If you are unable to give of your time, but would still like to earn access to early shopping, consider providing a meal for our team members. Each meal needs to feed 8 people.